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Lab testing consolidation

Simplify your lab network for greater quality and satisfaction

If you’re like most hospitals, you’re working with somewhere between 30 and 180 labs. That’s a lot of manual processes, a lot of oversight, and a lot of chances for something to go wrong. With Quest as your primary reference partner—or secondary provider— you can instantly reduce complexity and see improvements in quality, consistency, physician satisfaction, business continuity, and lab economics. The benefits start with consolidating laboratories and testing volumes, but they don’t end there.

Find the right testing model for your needs

Health systems are as unique as the patients they serve, so there’s no one right solution to diagnostics. We'll work with you to assess your current testing, as well as the potential savings, implementation effort, logistics, and equipment strategy needed to get to the right solution for you. Together, we’ll

  • Identify opportunities to optimize your lab network, site testing locations, and to move low-volume or non-STAT tests to world-class Quest Diagnostics facilities
  • Quantify how you can increase productivity through lean process improvements and take advantage of Quest’s purchasing economies to reduce supply, reagent, and technology costs
  • Determine opportunities to eliminate future capital expenses and free up physical space 

Leverage our state-of-the-art quality programs designed by medical experts

Patient care is too important to get wrong. That's why quality has been our core focus from the very beginning. We continuously monitor proprietary quality and service metrics in our labs—and hospital laboratory clients’ labs—through our Six Sigma program and Quality Assurance teams. This rigorous, data-centered approach to process improvement drives us to new quality standards for the healthcare industry.

 Learn more about lab consolidation

Discover all the ways you can benefit from a streamlined lab approach.

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