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Accountable Care Organizations

Quest for ACOs

As an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) working to achieve the Quadruple Aim, you deserve partners who can help you get closer to your goal. Quest Diagnostics delivers the ACO services you need for effective population health management, specialty disease care, patient engagement, and the improvement of operational efficiency through analytics.

Let us help you meet your goals

By working together with ACOs, we can help keep accountability at the core of everything you do while also delivering sustainable improvement in quality and outcomes.

  • Help to elevate patient care by tracking to emerging national trends
  • Increase patients’ connection to care by bringing it to them through mobile and at-home test services
  • Engage at-risk patients to help them keep up with necessary actions
  • Measure and report outcomes to help further reduce costs and qualify for reimbursements

  • Put our medical database comprising half the American population to work to help identify national trends, care gaps, and risks that may affect your patients
  • Leverage insights specifically optimized to help you understand disease history to identify care coordination strategies that support earlier intervention, when it can have the most impact
  • Use OnePartner software in the exam room to identify opportunities for care that can improve outcomes and maximize savings
  • Take advantage of our analytics website and reporting tools for convenient self-service access to member data and records

  • Use our solutions to enroll at-risk patients in gap-in-care programs that include interventions proven to improve health and financial outcomes
  • Leverage programs for some of today’s costliest chronic diseases, including diabetes, CKD, and CRC
  • Improve primary and secondary prevention, helping you meet key performance measures and keeping patients on track with the recommended type and frequency of testing

  • Keep patients invested in prevention and care with experiences designed to eliminate inconvenience and complexity that keep people from the care they need
  • Plug into our nationwide network of Patient Service Centers that bring testing close to home or work, or opt for at-home collection to lower barriers even further
  • Leverage online support services for patients and family members or friends who may be caring for them

  • Track program outcomes through advanced analytics to inform, adapt, or streamline your operations
  • Prove your efforts are working to reduce costs and qualify you for increased reimbursement from payers

Let’s discuss how Quest can collaborate with your ACO

We understand the challenges ACOs face in this rapidly changing environment, and offer innovative, forward-thinking ACO services and solutions to help achieve the health and quality outcomes that are critical to your continued success.

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Working hard to engage your patients

Engaging patients in their care is the key to improving outcomes and satisfaction. Count on Quest to bring you more ways to lower barriers to care—and to keep innovating as healthcare needs change.

Let’s solve your challenges

Working together, we can make high-quality, integrated, affordable healthcare a reality for patients using an ACO.

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