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Hospitals & health systems

It’s time to unleash the power of diagnostics to improve patient and hospital health. As health systems transition from viewing the lab as a clinical support to a clinical driver, you can rely on clinical diagnostic solutions to help create advantages across the continuum of care, from clinical quality to operational efficiency to financial resilience.

Minimize care variation, optimize care pathways, and build better health in your community

Clinical excellence is the foundation of better patient outcomes. Streamlined clinical diagnostic solutions help support better care decisions by providing the right mix of targeted testing, expert diagnostic support, and quality test results. Together they allow your clinicians to make the correct diagnosis sooner, and get to treatment faster.

Improve efficiency and decrease operating costs

The right approach to diagnostics can do more than support clinical excellence. It can also lead to improved health system resilience by optimizing testing that impacts staffing needs, processing time, and lab profitability. We refocus diagnostics to streamline operations and reduce expenses so that you can provide the quality of care you aspire to now and in the future.

Efficiencies can also extend to management of your patient and business-related content through enterprise content management. With seamless integrations to your EMR and ERP systems, we can help you quickly deliver access to the data and workflows your system needs to empower people, processes, and patients. 

Enhance system-level financial outcomes

The days of diagnostics merely supporting clinical decision-making are over. Today’s most effective labs are run in partnership with clinicians and health system management to support clinical and financial goals. In fact, the right strategic approach can positively impact financial stability, system revenue, and investment in your strategic goals.

Healthcare stewardship can help deliver your vision

Systems that adopt a healthcare stewardship mindset progress from viewing the lab as a clinical support to a clinical driver. Read our eBook, Elevating the lab from support function to strategic advantage, to discover the benefits and gain insight into how to start the transition.

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A higher level of care starts with a higher level of collaboration

Diagnostics can make a bigger impact when you think outside the lab. We'll work with your system to drive better patient and hospital health, just like we've done for PeaceHealth, Hackensack Meridian Health, and Mercy Health, to name a few.

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