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A complete relationship from diagnosis to care

Advanced oncology diagnostics offer new ability to pinpoint types and locations of various cancers. And they can do so much more. Explore these 3 articles and a podcast by Quest experts to discover new ways oncology testing fits into the continuum of care—and helps lead to better patient outcomes.

Quest is your single-source solution with a comprehensive test menu; over 600 board-certified pathologists, dermatopathologists, and medical experts; leading technology; and committed customer service—delivering the experience of a boutique lab backed by the power of one of the largest labs in the world.

The role of advanced diagnostics in delivering better care

The FDA-approved Ki-67 MIB-1 pharmDx test is the sole companion diagnostic for VERZENIO TM, a 2017-approved oral, solid dose medication for advanced or metastatic HR-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer. The test assesses Ki-67 proliferation to evaluate whether a patient’s tumor may respond to VERZENIO in the early, node-positive breast cancer indication. Learn how it-and tests like it- are making it easier to know whether patients will respond to treatment.
The doctor reads procedure preparation instructions to her adult female patient.
Currently, an acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis is considered a medical emergency. But new research suggests waiting for more detailed genetic testing may be beneficial to the outcome. Learn how—and why—the approach is changing.
An image of molecular testing results
Since discovering cancer early is key to better outcomes, advanced diagnostics that can screen for multiple cancer biomarkers at once are extremely valuable. Learn how liquid biopsies are improving early diagnosis across patient and cancer types at low cost.
2 laboratory professionals organizing test tubes
A streamlined clinical pathway offers the best chance for high-quality care—and helps newly diagnosed patients feel more at ease. Discover how advanced diagnostics help create the pathways that lead to better outcomes.
An image of a doctor speaking with two patients.

Quest offers its clients a dedicated oncology customer support line to assist with any test-related questions: 1.833.773.1441

Quest Advanced Oncology offers a powerful and comprehensive portfolio of testing that spans the full continuum of cancer care. Quest delivers the resources you need to help make advanced cancer diagnostics more accessible, actionable, and affordable.

About 1 in 3 people in the United States will develop cancer during their lifetime,1 so it’s not uncommon to have many cancers in the same family. Less often, cancers in a family are strongly linked to an inherited gene mutation that is part of a hereditary cancer syndrome.  

Our hereditary cancer solutions help close the gap between the unknown and the path forward. A complete portfolio of hereditary cancer tests, services, and expert analysis from our on-staff genetic counselors help you understand your patients’ risk and are the first step in our approach to supporting a patient’s cancer journey.

Tests include:

  • Comprehensive and guideline-based hereditary cancer panels
  • Cancer-specific panels
  • Hereditary cancer syndrome panels
  • Single-gene and single-site tests

Our genetic counselors are available to consult about test selection and results interpretation. To speak with a genetic counselor, call 1.866.GENE.INFO (1.866.436.3463).

Learn more about our hereditary cancer screening solutions.


Supporting excellence in cancer care through precision medicine solutions

Quest Diagnostics offers decision-support tools to help physicians develop a treatment plan for navigating the standard of care and clinical trial options, and beyond. We offer a holistic view of the patient tumor with our Solid Tumor Expanded Panel, a guideline-driven solution for actionable and emerging biomarkers with our Solid Tumor Core Panel and disease-specific panels for prognosis and treatment decisions.

Our solid tumor solutions include such cancer types as:

⦁    Breast
⦁    Cervical
⦁    GI, Colorectal
⦁    Lung
⦁    Melanoma
⦁    Prostate
⦁    Thyroid

Learn more about our pan-cancer solid tumor solutions

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