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Inclusion and diversity

At Quest Diagnostics Inclusion & Diversity is woven into who we are and what we do. We are inspired by the experiences and perspectives of our diverse employees. Diversity of thought and authentic connections empower us to create valuable solutions and deliver inclusive care to our patients and communities.

Respecting differences for all people enable Quest Diagnostics to live our company values each day. Operating with transparency, investing in a culture of trust, and challenging ourselves to take meaningful actions makes Quest a place where employees and patients feel they belong.

"Quest’s diverse workforce is one of our competitive advantages, reflecting the communities where we live and work and elevating our ability to serve customers."
- Ebony David, Executive Director, HRBP and Inclusion & Diversity, Quest Diagnostics

At Quest Diagnostics people are our priority. Our CultureTalent, and Community Framework guides our ongoing commitment to focus on what means the most to us.

  • Culture: The daily expressions of shared values, beliefs and attitudes through inclusive behaviors which foster belonging. 
  • Talent: How we identify, hire, develop and listen to top diverse talent. 
  • Communities: How we incorporate diverse insights for the benefit of our clients and communities  

Some of the ways we uphold our commitment include:

The Quest Inclusion and diversity Council will advise Quest and senior leaders as I&D goals and priorities are established, act as a visible I&D leader and represent the needs and perspectives of diverse demographics across the company and our communities.

Quest is proud of its 10 Employee Business Networks(EBNs). Our EBNs are vital to driving Action from Insight©, and all networks are open to all employees. EBNs create a platform to engage new colleagues and senior leaders, drive education and advocacy, access leadership development opportunities, drive community involvement, and influence business strategy.

Courageous conversations on race and inclusion

On June 4, 2020, we hosted our first Courageous Conversation, a virtual employee event that aimed to elevate and honor a difficult but critical topic, seek feedback on a path forward, and spark an ongoing discussion at Quest. The feedback was so positive, we continued the initiative and held over 60 conversations with 7,400 employees in 2020.

"This conversation has made me feel the most proud I have ever been to be an employee of Quest. Thank you!"
- Quest team member

Our commitments

Quest Diagnostics has made public its commitment to its employees and equitable compensation clear. Click here to learn more about our commitment to our employees and here to learn more about our commitment to equitable compensation.

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