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Growing as a Laboratory Partner

Growing as a Laboratory Partner


Mike Lukas joins the show to speak about the importance of a strong partnership in meeting the evolving needs of a health system or medical center.


Welcome to Diagnostics Dialogues - Innovation & Insight, where we are covering the hottest topics in healthcare with top researchers, doctors, and thought leaders! In this episode, Dr Pat Alagia is joined by Mike Lukas, Vice President and General Manager of Health Systems at Quest Diagnostics. Mike has led considerable growth at Quest, leading to impressive contributions to health systems and academic medical centers. Mike joins Dr Alagia to talk about the importance of trust in the partnership between a health system and the laboratory. Later, the pair dive into the current challenges in the healthcare space and how his team delivers collaborative solutions, and Mike explains his commitment to investing in becoming an even better laboratory partner and continuing to grow to address emerging needs. This episode of Diagnostics Dialogues - Innovation & Insight from Quest Diagnostics is not to be missed, so get ready for another in-depth, thought-provoking conversation with the brightest minds in healthcare!

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Dr. Pat Alagia

Mike Lukas